Kay and Wes have been a pleasure to work with over the years. As our business grew, our office space needs grew as well and we are in our fourth location with Pickron & Turner's assistance. They have done due diligence in researching & finding available locations relative to our prerequisite. Customer service and follow through is excellent with a willingness to help solve any problem or answer questions. Should the need arise, we would use Pickron & Turner again and are happy to refer them.

Cheryl A. Ternes
Enchanted Garden Landscape Inc.

We just moved to the Valley and needed lease space. We gave Kay our parameters and she really ran with it. She found us exactly what we wanted in the perfect location, and got us a lease with a monthly payment that was lower than our budget! She's a trailblazer in the commercial real estate business and really knows the area. What impressed us was that she was on a first name basis with our landlord and gave him a hug upon introducing us to him. She knows everyone and really takes care of her clients. Having her on our side made our transition effortless.

Dr. Chad and Dianna Adams
Tree of Life Chiropractic

I have worked with Kay Pickron from Pickron &Turner several times over a many year time span and I have always found Kay and her associates to be very organized, professional and helpful to me in all transactions, I have made regarding leasing real estate for our medical products design firm. I would highly recommend Kay and Pickron & Turner to anybody looking to lease or purchase commercial real estate. Kay has been involved in the Scottsdale commercial real estate market for so long and has such a vast knowledge of the market.

Randy Raisanen

Our firm has used Pickron & Turner as our leasing agent since 2004. We have been very satisfied with the services they have provided on our behalf. They are experienced and knowledgeable. Their attention to detail has proved invaluable to us. In addition to their expertise, we have always appreciated their timely responses to our questions and needs. We would not hesitate to recommend them to our clients.

Paul B. Koivisto CPA
Koivisto & Koivisto

How do most business people try to find space to lease or buy?

Many attempt to do it on their own, by placing calls off of signs, thinking they can get the best terms if they deal directly with the landlord or the landlord’s broker. While this is very time consuming, most achieve the opposite outcome as a result of their efforts

That seems to be very inefficient. Is there a better way?
It comes down to two questions: Do you have the time to find your own space and do you have the experience, market knowledge, and negotiating skills to make the best deal on the best space for your business. If the answer is no to either question, you may want to consider a tenant's broker.
What is a tenant’s or buyer's broker?

A tenant's broker represents only the business tenant or business buyer. In that capacity we are advocates for the tenant or buyer. We work only on behalf of the interests of the client with complete loyalty to the client.

How is a tenant’s broker different from other kinds of broker?

A tenant broker is the opposite of a listing broker. A tenant broker has responsibility to negotiate the most favorable terms and conditions for his client, which is the tenant or buyer of the commercial real estate. The listing broker’s ultimate goal is to negotiate the highest income and non-flexible terms for his client, the landlord.

Do you have access to data for the marketplace?
Yes, we have access to all current data for the commercial markets throughout Arizona. We use the same technology as do listing brokers, so we have the same information to assist our tenant or buyer clients.
I see For Lease signs everywhere. Why don't I just call directly?

Like the listing broker, we have instant access to information on availability, rental rate and type of lease offered on every property in the data base with a click of a button. It is very time consuming for the business owner to gather market information easily and quickly accessed by a tenant broker.

Why can’t I work directly with the landlord or landlord's agent?
In some cases, you can. However, keep in mind that both have the landlord's interest in mind, not yours. You have no one advocating on your behalf during the transaction.
Don’t you compete with the landlord’s broker?
A listing broker has a contract with the landlord for a specific fee to lease or sell property. It is standard practice in the commercial real estate industry for the listing broker to share the commission with the tenant or buyer broker who brings a client to the transaction.
Are there any conflicts of interest here?
Most conflicts occur when the tenant or buyer broker also represents the landlord/owner. In this instance, the broker has a major conflict of interest with neither side being properly represented.
How does Pickron & Turner get paid?

We participate in the listing broker’s fee agreement with the landlord/owner and cost you nothing, directly or indirectly. The fee will be paid whether you have representation or not. Our focus and expertise is always to put your needs first and achieve an agreement that provides you with the best terms and conditions possible over the full term of the agreement.

By using Pickron & Turner, I can really get the price down, right?
Not necessarily. But you can be comfortable that you have achieved an agreement wherein terms and conditions are at or below market and contract loop-holes are closed to unexpected and unanticipated problems in the future.
What parts of the Valley do you work in?
We serve clients in all parts of the Valley and throughout the state of Arizona.
I’m moving to the Valley to open a business. How can you help me from a distance?
It is not uncommon to begin the process from a distance. Much of the background work can be done in preparation of actually viewing potential properties. This would include identifying appropriate geographical locations and facilities and determining acceptable terms and conditions under which agreements can be made.
My lease is coming up for renewal. Can you help there?
The majority of our clients rely upon our market knowledge to assist in negotiating lease renewals at prevailing market rates. Serving as a third party buffer between the client and the landlord when discussing money is wise and often helps maintain a good working relationship between tenants and landlords.
Can you help me decide where to locate my business?
We closely follow commercial trends and are happy to consult with our clients when needs or circumstances provide opportunity to do so.
How much square footage should I lease?
Industry standards for different business categories are available and can help you decide how many square feet your business needs. Usually, clients will lease or buy space to accommodate current needs plus 10% more in anticipation of growth during the term of the contract.
I am a pretty good negotiator. Why do I need Pickron & Turner?
You may not, if you are aware of current market terms and conditions on specific properties and the ability to close the loop-holes in most ominous landlord contracts. The ability to negotiate is a separate matter from knowing which of the deal points should be dealt with in an agreement.
What if I have problems with the landlord? Can you help?
We stay in contact with our clients long after contract signing. We can sometimes be helpful in re-negotiating real estate needs as business circumstances change. Expansion or down-sizing is common in commercial real estate transactions.
I'm ready to go. How do we get started?

Call, email, or complete the form on our Contact page. We will set up a meeting. The process begins immediately.